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The Product

The kitchen modules consists of ready to install wall units and base units each with an adjustable shelf. These modules come in a geometry of shapes and sizes, sink units, drawerunits, corner units, gas units etc. each of them designed to reduce strain and increase efficiency.

Modular Kitchen
MDF Boards

The Material

Inscape kitchens are made of GreenPanelMax Exterior Grade 18mm Pre-laminated Medium Density Fiber Board or GreenPly 19mm Prelaminated Marine Plywood It replaces solid wood, local plywood , particle board in most of the cases with better quality of finish and durability. It is laminated from the factory itslef on both surfaces by synthetic resin-impregnated base papers under the influence of heat pressure.

Permanent Lamination

Inscape kitchens are made of prelaminated boards. These sheets are laminated with high quality laminates under heat presuure. It provides better finish and quality compared to those manually laminated plywoods and MDF. INSCAPE Kitchen is one among the very few in Kerala who is manufacturing kitchen cabinets using 18mm and 19mm branded prelaminated boards

Prelaminated MDF
Kitchen Accessories


An array of optional accessories including baskets, tall units, corner units, mid-way systems, and more. In kitchen appliances chimneys, hobs, ovens and sinks and fittings In kitchen cabinets and shutters of Indian and leading imported brands are available at extra cost.

Easy Maintenance

Laminated boards are resistant to most of the household chemicals, steam, cigarette burns and, scratches and are also vapour resistant. These Boards are non sensitive to stains and impermeable to moisture and it does not shrink, the laminated decorative paper forms an integral part of the board, de-lamination doesn't occur under even the most adverse usage

Maintenance Free
Kitchen Installation


Our installers are qualified craftsmen with more than a decade of experience in modular furniture manufacturing and installation. They are dedicated to ensure your kitchens and wardrobes are installed promptly and are finished to our high standards. All installations are backed by a life time service guarantee.

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