60% of European Modular kitchen use Blum fittings.

With a good reason?

Blum has achieved this unusually high market share by consistently innovating kitchen drawer systems and combining good design with aesthetic appeal. Not only do kitchens which are equipped with Blum fittings give you smooth lifelong functional performance, they also look great to boot. With new award winning products like BLUMOTION, the corner drawers and under- sink drawers, blum consistently leads the industry through innovation.

Blum?s 5 manufacturing units in Austria are all equipped with state-of- the- art automated machinery. No human hand touches the product. During assembly to ensure that one product is as perfect as the next.

Blum?s commitment to kitchens does however go well beyond just making great products. With the ?DYNAMIC SPACE? concept Blum has researched and developed over many years the perfect relation with the ergonomics, efficient storage and optimal workflow in kitchens. These results in up to 55% more storage and significant time savings when working in a kitchen well equipped with blum compared to traditional fittings.

Blum even provides assistance to its customers in designing their kitchen. Its website www.dynamicspace.com? provides detailed assistance in the layout and the proper allocation of fittings in different work area of your kitchen.

That is why Blum fittings are the first choice of almost of the big European kitchen manufacturers and INSCAPE.

If Blum is the choice of the professionals, should if not be your choice too?


Posted On 14 06 16